30-31st of march


2nd face-to-face meeting

In addition to the host team Turkey, partners from the United Kingdom and Romania also attended the meeting face-to-face. Other consortium partners contributed to the meeting by participating online.

The meeting went on with the updates like previous meeting evaluation by ZISPB, newsletter by BOSEV, learner diaries by BUVOCINA and stakeholders report by PROWORK.

Intellectual Outputs Update

On IO1 process, partners to present feedback following the C1 online training event: All partners stated that their trainers were very impressed with how it was organized and found the content of the C1 event both interesting and relevant; all attendees more interested in future cooperation between partners; attendees agreed it was a great experience and appreciated the opportunity to share knowledge.


And about the IO2: MADPL to create a workshop on how to create a webinar, PROWORK to IO2 overall update and we have until December 2022 to carry those Multiplier Events.